We are an online shopping site where you can get insider access to discounts on authentic designer labels. Here, you've got an all-access pass to discounts of up to 80% on exclusive designer clothing and accessories. Plus, we’ll let you know what’s new, and how you can secure deals on designs that are available nowhere else at these prices. We know you’ll love it, but don’t forget that our product collections stay on the site for a limited time.

Once they have gone, they're gone!

We will announce when a collection is to be made available online on the site or by emailing you directly. This will give you plenty of warning to be ready for when the collection is released – so you can be ready to grab the best deals.


With over 20 years’ experience in the wholesale industry, the fashion insiders at 375 Showroom™ bring you authentic designer brands at the most affordable prices on the web. Initially a pop-up retailer in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the Shop’s success saw to the creation of 375 Showroom™, enabling shoppers everywhere to get 100% authentic designer clothing at a price they can afford. Our products are obtained directly from suppliers, so no middleman, no markup, no catch!